Mach-5: Molecular Machinery: Making, Measuring, Modeling
postponed to September 11 - 14, 2022

Technical Guidelines for Presentations

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Oral Presentations

A PC with common presentation software (Powerpoint, LibreOffice, PDF reader, image viewer, VLC player) connected to a projector will be available in the lecture hall. A limited number of presenters with laser pointers is also available. If you intend to use the provided equipment, please bring your file(s) on a USB flash drive well before the start of your respective session.

Alternatively, you can connect your own computer to the projector. HDMI and VGA connectors are natively supported, and we will additionally provide a number of adapters (mini-HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort). Please test the connection well before the start of your respective session.

Our technical team will be able to assist you with the setup during the coffee and lunch breaks.

Time Slots

Please keep the following time allocations for our scientific program in mind. The presentation times will be enforced by the chairpersons. Please allow time for a short discussion after your lecture.

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